Choosing a Tae Kwon Do School

nyheter om forex How to Choose a Tae Kwon Do School?

risk reward forex Taekwondo is practiced worldwide in over 120 countries, by millions of people from all ages and walks of life. The Korean national sport, is widely popular for a lot of things, some people love it as Olympic sport while others love to practice taekwondo because of it’s traditional values. Like many other forms of martial arts it can bring different benefits to different people.

So how do I got about choosing a school for my kids or myself you're wondering?

1. Look out for discrepancies between the art and the school. A complete Tae Kwon Do curriculum includes:

  • Philosophy - This is important to understand, as it will help you appreciate what Tae Kwon Do can do for you.
  • Meditation - You must have a clear mind and strong focus during your training. Good schools will put at a minimum, some emphasis on developing strong concentration.
  • Basics - Without the basics you'll never learn that advanced things. It's like riding a bike, you start with training wheels ,and then you work your way up to two wheels. (In certain cases one wheel). You probably won't jump on a motorcycle either if you can't ride a bike first. It's all about the basics. A school and the instructors that stress the importance of learning the basics can help you get very far and appreciate your training more.
  • Forms - Forms help you develop hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, speed, and confidence. It's not a Tae Kwon Do school if they don't teach these.
  • Self-Defense - Good schools include some variation of self defense, whether it be One step / Three step sparring (il soo shik) or by including Hap Ki Do (This is practiced as a seperate martial art in some schools)
  • Sparring - As you may know Tae Kwon Do is a full medal Olympic sport. Most students today want to be a famous Olympic superstar where in the past students focused on the traditional techniques. Either way sparring is one of the main things you will find in any Tae Kwon Do school.
  • Breaking - Having your fist or foot go through a piece of wood is a great feeling. Board breaking is included in most schools to allow students to build confidence and develop accurate kicking and punching techniques. It is another essential item to training in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Stretching - Flexibility is key to achieveing proper form and balance. Stretching should be common amongst any martial art.
  • Leadership Skill and Fitness - Good schools will help develop a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be interacting with other people, mentoring, being a proper role-model, excercising, and eating. A combination of these items will be found in the majority of good schools. forex valuta pund There are no weapons in Tae Kwon Do. Most schools have adopted weapons from other martial arts. Some schools offer it as an additional curriculum item whereas other use it as a supplement to something they are lacking.

valutahandel for begyndere Traditional Taekwondo uses a white uniform called a Do bok. The white uniform symbolizes purity and perfection of character that Taekwondo students are expected to strive for. It is common for schools that do not understand the philosophy or history of Taekwondo to utilize lots colorful uniforms, stripes and patches.

najlepszy broker Taekwondo teaches self-defense. Physical fitness is a pre-requisite for self-defense. Limited contact sparring is also an essential step to learning adequate self-defense skills. Beware Taekwondo schools that do not practice sparring, use only non-contact sparring or avoid competitions altogether. forex trading results Taekwondo is distinctly and proudly Korean. In Korean a Taekwondo school is called a "Do Jang" and sometimes "Kwan". The Korean terms for instructor "Sabum" and "Kwan Jang" for the person in charge of the school. Beware Taekwondo schools that use the Japanese or Chinese terms such as "Dojo", "Professor", "Sifu" or "Sensei". 

بنك وربة اسهم  Taekwondo is a martial art, not a sport! Taekwondo sparring is an Olympic sport; however, sparring is only one aspect of a complete Taekwondo curriculum. A school that focuses only on sparring is incomplete just as a school that does not include sparring is incomplete. The main training consists of: Sparring, workouts, stretching and playing educative games.

2. Research the instructor

forex indicator 99 accurate For WTF Taekwondo: The South Korean government recognizes the Kukkiwon in Seoul Korea as the World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters. The Kukkiwon issues international black belt certification, instructor certification, publishes the Kukkiwon textbook, sets the standards for techniques and forms and holds an international tournament each year called the Hanmadang. Many unqualified WTF instructors do not even know what the Kukkiwon is. A WTF instructor who is not certified by the Kukkiwon may still be qualified, but they should at least be familiar with the Kukkiwon; their qualifications can be judged by the remainder of the steps below... تداول الفوركيس For ITF Taekwon-Do: Does the instructor claim to 'do ITF Taekwon-Do' yet is not qualified by the ITF. The ITF has split into 3 factions, however anyone teaching ITF Taekwon-do should be recognised by at least one of them. The ITF set the technical standards and approve gradings.

handlu Akcjami How long has the instructor been practicing? What is the instructor's rank? For WTF Taekwondo, the Kukkiwon recognizes 4th degree black belt as the minimum rank required for instructors. This usually takes a minimum of 12 years of training.

الاسهم ام القرى Find the instructor's certification and research the organization that issued the certification. Call and verify the certification.

أسهم شركة الخطوط السعودية للتموين Get professional references and verify them. Other reputable instructors that can vouch for the instructor is a start. Professional associations are another place to check.

البنك الاهلي للاسهم Do a criminal background check. This is important! A lot of people that have martial arts background but fail to legitimately make it in the business world will turn to martial arts as a career because it is not regulated by the government. It is relatively easy to fool the uneducated public about martial arts qualifications. Would you trust this person with your child/wife/husband? Some instructors abuse their position of authority and trust by treating children and women inappropriately. Remember that instructors aren't regulated, so it is up to you to decide whether this is someone you trust your loved ones with.

forex öppettider triangeln A real master is someone with an unusual level of skill that is usually accompanied by an unusual level of humility and dedication to serving others. In ITF Taekwon-do the rank of master is given to 7th and 8th Dans, and the title of Grandmaster is given to 9th Dans. Beware of anyone claiming to do ITF Taekwon-Do and claiming to be a 10th Dan as no such grade exists in the ITF.

شراء اسهم تويتر See if the instructor has a facebook or other social network profile. Beware the instructor who has filled this with foul language, insults of other martial artists and other examples of lack of respect.

3. Reasearch the Students

فوركس Research the students. Always watch a class at the school you are considering before joining. If possible, watch a promotion test / grading. A good school has nothing to hide and will allow spectators. Are the students happy? Disciplined? Competent? Physically fit? Well groomed? Well spoken? Taekwondo is about discipline. A good Tae kwon do school should have very well behaved students that speak politely, treating others with a level of respect sadly lacking in today's society.

forex öppettider göteborg If trial classes are offered, take advantage and give the school a try. It is a time to interact with the instructors and the students to try to get their perspective of the school. تداول بذهب Find out how many black belts the school has and how long it has been going. Large numbers of black belts, especially very young ones usually means very low standards, unregulated by genuine associations.

افضل شركة للفوركس Beware schools that look like day cares. If it looks and smells like a day care go elsewhere. Undisciplined children running about is a big warning sign.

Beware the instructor who is clearly unfit / overweight and does not join in anything physical him / herself.

Ask the instructor to show you the practical applications of the techniques you are being taught. If they don't work then find another instructor who can show you how to do them so that they work.

4. Study the costs

Study the costs. Some schools place more emphasis on profits than on discipline and skill. Sometimes there are associated fees that you won't find out about unless you ask: belt test, association membership, and long-term contracts. It's not unusual for the school to ask for an annual contract (especially since most people quit within 6 months) but some schools will say that you can break the contract if you want, then when the time comes, they are uncooperative; and some schools have a “bait and switch” program in which they let you pay on a monthly basis for a certain amount of time, then require that you sign a long-term (2-4 year) contract in order to advance in rank. A good school should never have to resort to these tactics in order to gain students

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